Dark Patterns: The Devil in Digital Design?


Dark Patterns: The Devil in Digital Design?

Dark patterns are one of the way where Designers attempt to confuse the user by making certain actions as difficult as possible. It’s a way which some information is hidden from the users.

It’s still can be accessed though there might be previous steps, such as cancelling subscription.

Dark patterns also attempt to persuade user to do other things that they wanted at the first place, for example placing a sponsored advertisement at the most prominent position in your mobile screen.

Example of Dark Patterns in Mobile

Roach Motels 

Roach Motels 

Roach Block 

Sneak into Basket 

Micro Typography 

T&C linked to CTA 

Inconclusion, you should avoid Dark Patterns, since it’s a fine line between influencing user behavior and tricking people. Hence, UX UX Designers should use dark patterns for a good will, and it must be a win-win solution for both parties (users and business). UI UX Designers should not abuse the user by constantly trick them with deliberately confusing or deceptive user interfaces, because it will quickly lose user’s trust in a website / business. This practical goal, is always a challenge for UI Designers to connect the gap between ideal mutual benefits between users and products. It is not just a UX Term, it’s a metaphor for the web, culture and politics in 2016.

by Stefano Malachi, Muzli

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