Anatomy of a Trend


Anatomy of a Trend

In the WGSN Mindset (world’s leading trend authority) article, talks about the trends are all around us. We see them in what we eat, where we live and how we connect with each other. And whether we’re aware of it or not, they dictate the products we want and the services we crave.

Smartphones. Co-working spaces. Green juice. We know the trends that define our daily lives. Yet what we often fail to notice is the interconnections. Co-working spaces emerged to fill the new needs of a “creative class”while holding a green juice became a status item in a world where wellness carries more social cachet than wealth.

Mega trends last for years, or decades. By identifying trends before they reach critical mass, companies can tap into unlimited potential growth. To do so, they must connect the dots between influences to identify macro trends, filter them into their own brand DNA, and innovate at the right time for their customers.

Succeeding at forecasting can quite simply make or break the largest companies of our time. Look at the classic example of Amazon. In less than two decades, Amazon grew from a small start-up trying to convince consumers to trust the internet, to one of the world’s largest companies. From their roots in e-commerce to the launch of the Kindle and their current investment in artificial intelligence, they have boldly invested in trends, even when a short-term view suggested they were putting their company at risk.

So how do you forecast a trend? It’s part art, part science, part math and part magic. But identifying a trend is only the first step. The most important question is ask: “Is this trend right for your brand, given your DNA and target consumer?”

Timing is also an important factor to consider. Adopting a trend in the right way at the right time is, in the best case scenario, an avenue for growth. In the worst case scenario, it can cause the downfall of your brand. Being first isn’t always necessarily being best, it largely depends on your target market. If you’re targeting the early adopter, being first is key. If mass market adoption is your goal, then riding the crest of a trend could be right.



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