The problem

Millions of people around the world have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. While the condition definitely has its benefits (is it a coincidence that several top-ranking entrepreneurs have been diagnosed with the condition?), it may still prove challenging to the people whose lives it affects, including the parents of children who have the condition.

The process

We concluded from a series of Design Sprint sessions that the Periapt solution has to maximize positive outcomes and treatment adherence by implementing behavioral change techniques. We then tested our concept (POC) by delivering content, an ebook, and a dynamic questionnaire to attract potential users to a pilot program where a coaching team will assist and guide them.
The POC process:

  • To understand their child better, they answer a short questionnaire
  • Ongoing support via text messaging
  • Personalized care and goal tracking
  • Answer any questions you may have at any time.
Text Messages Monitoring
eBook Parent Guide


Following the conclusion of the POC, Periapt developed an app that allows parents and care teams to work together, reducing the time needed for finding the right treatment and providing practical assistance to deal with the day-to-day challenges ADHD children face.

The app starts with onboarding questions. It allows the app to gather essential information about the user, such as the child’s age, current symptoms, and any previous treatments they have received. This information can then be used to create a personalized user journey that is tailored to the needs of the individual child.


Home & Profile

On the Home screen, the user can find the:

Last task to complete is a reminder of the most important task to complete.

Recommended content, to provide parents with access to relevant articles, videos, and other resources that can help them better understand ADHD and how to manage it.

Profile settings are accessible through the avatar. It allows users to quickly and easily update their information or adjust their preferences.



This page allows users to keep track of their progress and make adjustments to their goals or strategies as needed. For parents of ADHD children, managing tasks and responsibilities can be a daily challenge, so having a centralized location where they can monitor their progress.



The Insights page is a valuable feature that can help parents monitor their child’s progress over time and share important information with their child’s doctor or care team. By analyzing the responses to daily questionnaires, the app can generate insights into the child’s behavior and symptom patterns.



The coach can offer personalized advice and suggestions based on the child’s specific symptoms and needs.
In addition, having a chat feature can help facilitate communication between parents and caregivers, which can lead to a more coordinated and effective approach to managing ADHD.

Chat →

Information and media

Schedule & Video Call

These features can help make managing ADHD more efficient and effective for parents and care teams. By providing a centralized location to manage schedules and conduct video calls, the app helps save time and reduce stress, ultimately leading to better outcomes for the child.

Appointment and Video Call→

Appointment ,Video Record and Notes

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