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Menu for You

Menu for You

Menu for You is a web/app platform that gathers the menus of restaurants, and can be used to break the language barrier and to establish communication between the waiter and the customer, even if they don’t speak the same language. The app offers translations in up to 9 languages, showing the customer the dishes in the language they’ve chosen and to the waiter in the local language. The application is also a complete local guide, where users can get discounts, information, photos and pay their restaurant bill. It was selected as one of the official applications of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The process

We started conducting user interviews with tourists that ware staying in hotels, it was a beneficial technique for gathering valuable insights into our target user, and it is also served as promotional material.

After that, we realized two design thinking sections for creative problems solving the miscommunication problem between the tourists and the restaurant in Brazil.




Choose the type of food you want and we’ll list the restaurants near you

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In the app, find instructions on how to get to the selected location, and see photos and information about the restaurant.




Check out the complete menu with the prices of the meals included and when you get there, place the order in your language.



Click “Translate” and show it to the waiter in the local language OR pay your bill.

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Website and Dashboard

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Graphic Materials


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Promotional Kit

With the Governmental Partnership for the Olympics, the Menu for Tourist was responsible for making the official tourist map of the city during the Olympic period


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