Creative Reality™ Studio by D-ID


Creative Reality™ Studio by D-ID

Creative Reality™ Studio by D-ID

Designing the Future-Facing Generative AI

D-ID’s revolutionary Generative AI technology startup lets users create high-quality, realistic video footage, using any ‘driver’ video to guide the movements, expressions, and speech of a target actor or subject in a still photo.

I joined the company’s product team as a product design consultant to understand their goals and objectives, identify user needs and pain points, and develop a design strategy. We decided to elevate video content for marketers, learning professionals, developers, and CX experts, as well as other content creators. Designing a tool that allows users to explore all the company’s available technology.

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The Product

The Creative Reality™ Studio by D-ID provides the user with the most robust set of generative AI tools to produce stunning videos featuring talking avatars. The self-service studio combines D-ID’s deep-learning face animation technology, ChatGPT text generation, and Stable Diffusion text-to-image capabilities to create stunning videos.


3 Ways to Create Face

  1. Choose from an existing selection of photorealistic or illustrated faces. All our faces are optimized to achieve the best results when adding speech and motion.

  2. Upload an image of your own. It can be your own face, that of a friend or relative, a stock image or even an illustration.

  3. Harness the power of Stable Diffusion to generate any face you can imagine.

Choose an Actor →

Actor Properties →

Actor Style

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Type Script →

Generate Script →

Add Break and CC →

Modify voice


3 Ways to Make Your Avatar Speak

  1. Type in any text. 

  2. Use ChatGPT text generation to help write your script.

  3. Upload a recording. 

  • Choose from hundreds of languages and accents
  • Select the voice you want to use
  • Adjust the style you wish the avatar to speak in
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3 Ways to Modify Scenarios

  1. Adding visual elements to the scene, such as text

  2. Make the background more personalized by adding an image or video

  3. Creating new scenes
  • Apply transitions effects between scenarios
  • Take notes on the scene and adjust the size

Text Properties →

Background →

Scene Transition

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Preview and share →

Video quality result


3 Ways to export your video

  1. Download an MP4 file

  2. Directly share via social media

  3. Copy and paste the link with permission restrictions anywhere

  • Feedback on the quality of the generative video
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Bring Your Creations to Life with the Power of AI

The possibilities are truly limitless! Take a look at the example above


  • The Creative Reality™ Studio was #1 at the Product Hunt
  • It has proven to eliminate the hassle and cost of producing large-scale videos by generating photorealistic digital humans from the text.
  • The technology has attracted clients including Warner Brothers Pictures, Publicis, Mondelez, Skilldora, and MyHeritage who have used D-ID’s platform to create extraordinary experiences.

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