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The mobile app, brandZapp, shows what’s new and trending in the markets of fashion, decoration, health and beauty, technology and lifestyle.The user can buy products directly from the app, and every time they check their daily news or interact with our partners, they’ll earn points which can be redeemed for incredible rewards.
Its value proposition is to offer daily and weekly triggers to get the user to develop a reading habit and return daily to the App.


A rewards program that not only gives you points by shopping, but also rewards you for developing reading habits, encouraging you to become a genius in your area of interest.

The high level goal was to create a reward app to generate retention and a meaningful incentive for the users.

Earn rewards in-store and online

1. Walk into a store: Earn points at the entrance when you walk into select partner stores.

2. Scan products: Earn points when you scan barcodes using the in-app scanner.

3. Buy products: Purchase select items and submit your receipt through the app.

4. Make an online purchase: Link your credit card and make a purchase.




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